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PHP / MySQL Training Course

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PHP and MySQL offer the dynamic abilities necessary to run a website in the Web. We use these for backend processing. These languages are utilized in most websites to streamline development, maintenance and make updating tremendously easy. Did you know that ‘Open Source Programming’ with PHP / MySQL is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the job scene today? Going through a good PHP/MySQL training course can take you places. We are offering these courses to make you professionally fit in IT industry.

Course Details


  • H.S / Graduate
  • Must know Photoshop Basic

Course Duration:

  • 12 Weeks.
  • Classes open on Sunday also.
  • 2 Days per week ( 3 Hours per day )

Course Fee

   Total Course Fee Rs. 15,000/-

  • 1st Installment: Rs7,000/-
  • 2nd installment: Rs 4,000/-
  • 3rd installment: Rs 4,000/-

Course Modules :

Module 1 : Introduction to PHP MySQL

Basic Knowledge of websites

Introduction of Dynamic Website

Introduction to PHP

Why and Scope of PHP

XAMPP and WAMP Installation

Module 2 : HTML, CSS

Markup Languages

Structure of HTML

Basic HTML Tags

Advanced HTML Tags

Difference between HTML & XHTML

XHTML Basics

Introduction to Doc Types Web Design with CSS

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Types of Style Sheets

Types of CSS Selectors

CSS properties

Converting Table layout to CSS

Custom CSS Layout Design

Creating simple and dropdown menus

Creating Appealing forms using CSS

CSS Tips and Optimization Techniques

Module 3 : PHP Programming Basics

Syntax of PHP

Embedding PHP in HTML

Embedding HTML in PHP

Introduction to PHP Variable

Understanding Data Types

Using Operators

Writing Statements and Comments

Using Conditional Statements

If(), else if() and else if condition Statement

Switch() Statements

Using the while() Loop

Using the for() Loop

Module 4 : PHP Functions

PHP Functions

Creating an Array

Modifying Array Elements

Processing Arrays with Loops

Grouping Form Selections with Arrays

Using Array Functions

Using Predefined PHP Functions

Creating User-Defined Functions

Module 5 : PHP Advanced Concepts

Reading and Writing Files

Reading Data from a File

Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables

Creating a Session and Registering Session Variables

Destroying a Session

Storing Data in Cookies

Setting Cookies

Dealing with Dates and Times

Executing External Programs

Module 6 : Introduction to Database - MySQL Database

Understanding an RDBMS

Understanding a Relational Database

Introduction to MySQL Database

Understanding Tables, Records and Fields

Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys

Understanding SQL and SQL Queries

Understanding Database Normalization

Dealing with Dates and Times

Executing External Programs

Module 7 : Working with MySQL Database & Tables

Creating MySQL Databases

Creating Tables

Introduction to MySQL Database

Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type

Adding Field Modifiers and Keys

Selecting a Table Type

Understanding Database Normalization

Altering Table and Field Names

Altering Field Properties

Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables

Dropping Databases and Table Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

Module 8 : SQL and Performing Queries

Inserting Records

Editing and Deleting Records

Performing Queries

Retrieving Specific Columns

Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause

Using Operators

Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates

Limiting Results

Using Built-In Functions

Grouping Records

Joining Tables

Using Table and Column Aliases

Module 9 : Working with PHP & MySQL

Managing Database Connections

Processing Result Sets

Queries Which Return Data

Queries That Alter Data

Handling Errors

Module 10 : Java Script

Introduction to Java Script

Variables, operators, loops

Using Objects, Events

Common java script functions

Java Script Validations

Module 11 : Live Project With Win Webtech

Project Discussion

Requirements analysis of Project

Project code Execution

Project Testing

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