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Flash & JavaScript Training Course

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Flash and Javascript Training is the new age professional training for aspiring current software developers. Java is found everywhere – browsers, websites, mobile devices, web servers, enterprise computers, desktop computers etc. Its outstanding feature is that it can be used to build modular and reusable codes. It can perform many actions at the same time in the programs because of multi thread. An important benefit of Java is that it needs to be coded a single time, and can be executed anywhere, any number of times.

Our well experienced professional trainers are always dedicated for giving full effort for students’ success.

Course Details


  • H.S / Graduate
  • Must know Photoshop Basic

Course Duration:

  • 12 Weeks.
  • Classes open on Sunday also.
  • 2 Days per week ( 3 Hours per day )

Course Fee

   Total Course Fee Rs. 15,000/-

  • 1st Installment: Rs7,000/-
  • 2nd installment: Rs 4,000/-
  • 3rd installment: Rs 4,000/-

Course Modules :

Module 1: Basic Concept of Internet

How website works?

What is Graphic design

What are design software’s

What is logos and how can we design a brand logo

What is animation how to create 2D, 3D animation

Module 2: Adobe Photoshop

Learn to use tools of Photohop

Photo Edititing

Photo Mixing

Creating banners

Understaind filters

Create website layout

Module 3 : Dreamweaver

Introduction to dreamweaver

Menus, tools, panes

Images and multimedia

Layouts, Layers, CSS and tables

Java scripts insertion

Creating first Website

Module 4 : Basic HTML

Basic HTML Tags





Module 5 : CSS 2

Basic use of css

Formating the page with CSS

Understainding DIV (Web 2.0)

Create a simple website using DIV/CSS

Creating menu with CSS

Module 6 : Illustrator

Drwaing with illustrator

Logo Design With Illustrator

Photo Illustratotion

Export illustation to Photoshop

Module 7 : Flash

Uses of tools

Frames and Animations

Flash banners and websites

Flash works on website

Module 8 : HTML5 & CSS3

Introduction of HTML 5

Slice your Design with HTML5

Input Types

Form Elements

Borders,CSS3 Backgrounds

Text Effects,Fonts

User Interface

Module 9 : Responsive Website

Do your slicing with responsive website

How to use HTML5 for responsive

How to use CSS3 for resposive Project

Module 10 : Java Script & Jquery

Basic Javascript

Javascript Basic Tags



Basic Jauery

jQuery Introduction & Bsic Tags


jQuery Fade

Module 11 : Web Hosting

Host Introduction

Host email & domains

How to build a websites?

FTP and hosting technology

Hosting types

Module 12 : Live International project

Host Introduction Host email & domains How to build a websites? FTP and host technology Host type

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